How To Take Part

In the last week of every month The Mixtape Project will email members with a name and address of another member to send their new mixtape to.

Before signing up please read the guidelines below…

  • Mixtapes must be produced in CD format. I would much prefer that we could produce our mixtapes on the old skool cassette format but unfortunatly not many people have cassette decks anymore. For ease of compatibility between members all mixtapes must be sent on CD.
  • UK Citizens only. Due to the fact that members have to post their mixtapes to each other its only fair that all postage is limited to the UK. It would be a bit unfair on a member if they suddenly had to fork out to send their mixtape to Australia. Sorry to those who live abroad, hey you could always set up your own Mixtape Project in your own country!
  • Members must be willing to pay for their own postage. Its each members responsibility to each month physically post their mixtapes to another member.
  • Mixtape Members should have an broad eclectic taste in music. The nature of Mixtape is that from month to month you dont know what you are going to get, its all about sharing music between people. If you only have a narrow taste in music you may not be getting the most out of the project or enjoy the variety of the music you may receive from other members, Mixtape therefore may not be for you.
  • Mixtapes must contain a tracklist. Members are actively encouraged to customise, design and do the artwork for their mixtape. The only proviso is that all mixtapes must come with a tracklisting to help inform people about the music they are listening to.
  • The boundaries are limitless. Members are free to compile their mixtape in whatever way they wish, mixtapes could be based on a genre, a theme, an evocation, a word, film soundtracks, or simply just a collection of songs that you like. The way members compile their mixtape is entirely up to them!
  • The Mixtape Project relies on good faith between it members. When signing up to Mixtape you must be willing to produce a new mixtape every month, if for any reason you are unable to produce a mixtape you must inform the Project, failure to do so may see you taken off the members list. Sorry if this sounds a bit stern but it will be necessary for the smooth running of the Project. This is because Mixtape Project relies on members sending to each other, its unfair for someone to spend time working on a mixtape without another member sending one back in return.

To take part please simply email your name and postal address to:

Many thanks