The Mixtape Project has been setup for mixtape enthusiasts to make and share their mixtapes. Mixtape encourages the spirit of making, sharing, and a cross-pollination of musical tastes between its members.

The idea behind The Mixtape Project is that once a month members produce a mixtape and send it to a member of the project, they in return will recieve a mixtape of their own from another member. Each member of the Project will be emailed in the last week of each month and given the name and address of a member of the Project to make and send their new mixtape to.

Members are encouraged to make any type of mixtape they like encapsulating any musical style or genre. Members are free to compile the music on their mixtape however they wish, it can be as simple or as structured as they like.

A mixtape could just simply contain a random set of songs that a member currently likes or could be structured according to a theme, a mood, a dj mix, the World is your oyster, the more self-expression the better!

Members can customise their mixtape however they like, self-expression and individuality in the creation of the artwork and packaging is encouraged. However mixtapes should always contain a tracklisting to help the recipient learn about any music they are not familiar with.

To see how you can take part please see the ‘How To Take Part’ section of the blog.